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Correctional Services

Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) is the number one provider of Correctional Services in Trinidad and Tobago.

Correctional Services

Correctional Services Overview

When it comes to Correctional Services, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) is number one in Trinidad and Tobago. We are the most experienced and professional private Correctional Services company in the Caribbean.


We at Amalgamated Security Services Limited understand that the key to success in Correctional Services is maintaining a high level of client satisfaction and loyalty, and with this in mind we are continuously improving our capability in this area.


Ensuring the safe and secure escort and custody of prisoners demands a sound understanding of security, respect for the authority of the court, the criminal justice system and the officials which many of our staff possess and have expertise in. Within our Management staff are persons who have worked in both the Prison Service and the Police Service at the most senior levels. Amongst persons qualified in various specialized areas at Amalgamated Security Services Limited are persons with background in Prisons Administration, Technical and Vocational Education and a working knowledge of Quantity Surveying.

Our officers at the Prisoner Transport Division are highly trained professionals with most having security and/or criminal justice backgrounds as well as worked as transportation officers for multiple years. Amalgamated Security Services Limited understands that prisoners need to be managed and treated as individuals with their own rights whilst recognizing why they are being held in custody. 


Safety and on- time delivery/pickup is extremely important to us as we maintain an excellent safety record and our clients often rave about our efficiency and reliability. Amalgamated Security Services Limited transports thousands of prisoners per year and each of our specially designed and built vehicles averages in excess of 5,000 kilometres per month. We are the only company in the Caribbean to have been awarded a contract for the transportation of prisoners.


Amalgamated Security Services Limited, in 1999, initiated and financed a project that lead to the establishment of the Caribbean Correctional Association (CCA). All Prison Commissioners and Heads were invited to Trinidad and after a two-day conference at the Chaguaramas Hotel and Convention Center, the constitution was ratified and an executive was elected from among the Prison Commissioners/Heads in attendance. The Caribbean Correctional Association went on to gain acceptance as a Regional Affiliate of the American Correctional Association in August 2000.

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